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Wai Wai Quick Chicken (1*30) Box

Noodles:wheat flour,Edible veg oil,lodised salt,wheat gluten,mineral salts[451(i)],raising agent[500(ii)],soya sauce,tomato sauce,chilli sauce,black pepper,flacour enhancers[621,627 and 631],guar gum,onion,mineral[170(i)]and micronutrients for enrichmen[/vc-column]

Wai Wai Quick Chicken Pizza Noodles

 20.00 540.00
Healthy and nutritious[/vc-column]Tasty and delicious[/vc_column

Wai Wai Quick Chicken Schezwan Noodles 75 gm

[vc-column]Comes with a seasoning packet inside[/vc_column][vc-column]Healthy and nutritious[/vc_column][vc-column]Keeps you full and healthy

Wai Wai Quick Kimchi Noodles

 20.00 540.00
[vc-column]Keeps you full and healthy[/vc_column]